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Why Massage Therapists Should Love Continuing Education

Why Massage Therapists Should Love Continuing Education
No matter where you are in your massage therapy career, you are probably very busy. If you recently graduated, you’re most likely consumed with developing your practice, adjusting to a new job or figuring out how to balance your own needs with the demands of your work. Those who have been working for a while face a different set of challenges: avoiding burnout, increasing income, staying fit and balancing family life with work life. Regardless of your circumstances, the specter of fulfilling required continuing education units can be daunting. However, changing your thoughts about CEUs can make a difference in your career. Many therapists begin their careers having learned a great deal about massage for relaxation. However, as their careers progress, they find there are a large number of patients who need massage as a therapy and that massage can be a critical part of maintaining good health beyond being a...
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The Female Athlete Triad: Health Pitfalls for Adolescents

(photo: NCAA) Sophie* is a 15-year-old cross country runner who has a history of a foot stress fracture and shin splints. She often does not eat prior to her workouts. Recently, she has felt fatigued and weak during her races, saying her legs feel heavy and she sometimes feels dizzy. She has been running every day, averaging 40 to 50 miles a week, and has lost 18 pounds in the past year. At times she feels running has become a compulsion. She previously had normal periods but has not menstruated in 5 months. Her tests showed low bone mineral density and low iron and vitamin D levels. Maintaining a healthy level of activity through sports and exercise is important for girls and women of all ages. But if an athlete becomes overly focused on dieting and exercise it can have a negative effect on sports performance and overall health. "The Female...
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Remedy to be Reading Glasses Free?

Remedy to be Reading Glasses Free
A thin ring inserted into the eye could soon offer a reading glasses free remedy for presbyopia the blurriness in near vision experienced by many people older than the age of 40, according to a study released by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. A corneal inlay device currently undergoing clinical review in the United States improved near vision well enough for 80 percent of the participating patients to read a newspaper without disturbing far distance vision needed for daily activities like driving. Presbyopia affects more than 1 billion people worldwide. As people age, the cornea becomes less flexible and bends in such a way that it becomes difficult to see up close. Although the most common remedy is wearing reading glasses, a host of new corneal inlay products are in development to treat the condition, with three types currently under review by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The theoretical advantage...
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Men's Risk for Osteoporosis

A new survey findings released on World Osteoporosis Day by the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) show that 90% of the 13,258 adults questioned are unaware of men's risk for osteoporosis and how common osteoporotic fractures are in men. Osteoporosis can lead to painful fractures, disability, and early death, but the disease continues to be ignored by the general public and neglected by doctors during routine physical check-ups. With 1 in 5 men aged 50 years or older affected, the data confirm that although common, serious, and potentially life-threatening, osteoporosis remains a vastly underestimated and neglected health issue. The multi-national survey, carried out in adults from 12 countries, showed that this ignorance was universal and independent of gender or geography. Professor John Kanis, president of IOF, said, "The sad reality is that by not knowing their risk, men are leaving themselves vulnerable to a future of pain, disability, and possibly early death. The...
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Massage Therapy Marketing Ideas to Get New and Repeat Clients

Massage Therapy Marketing to Get New and Repeat Clients
The ability to provide skilled therapeutic touch may not always coincide with the ability to master marketing and business techniques. However, there are simple methods massage therapists and bodyworkers can use to further develop these skills and promote their services. One way to market your practice, attract new clients and create repeat customers is to focus on a specific feature, such as your massage cream. By placing the spotlight on this detail and teasing out all the aspects that make it great, you can find a wealth of material to market your business in creative ways. First, set aside some time to really consider what makes your massage cream so great—and if there is nothing outstanding about your current product, then it may be time to look for a new one. Try to come up with a list of at least a five things that you love about this cream and...
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Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques: 3rd edition Now Available

Revised bestseller offers fast, effective approaches to head, neck and rib pain. OKLAHOMA CITY — The Freedom From Pain Institute has announced the release of the third edition of Erik Dalton’s classic Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques. Revised and graphically enhanced, the new 408-page hardcover has been streamlined for “in-the-trench” seasoned professionals who treat complex head, neck and thorax issues. Each section of the book addresses muscle imbalances and spinal biomechanics, along with soft-tissue treatments for common spine, rib cage and neurological issues. The text teaches simple assessment strategies to help therapists quickly identify and correct movement restrictions that may perpetuate pain and protective muscle spasm. The book is set up so busy therapists can quickly refer to specific techniques between clients. With enhanced reader design and richer graphics, visual learners will appreciate the hundreds of anatomical illustrations and technique demonstrations that accompany the text. This edition also includes contributions from respected manual...
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