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Zen Habits to Eliminate Stress

Zen Habits to Eliminate Stress

Imagine you get up late, failing to hear your alarm go off. You rush through your morning routine, spill coffee on your shirt, and jump in your car, only to hit rush hour traffic to the office.

You finally get to work. Your boss isn’t happy; you have two unfinished projects, and dozens of emails to respond to. You hit the rush hour traffic coming home, your family has already eaten dinner, and your partner complains that you are an hour late. You microwave yourself a meal from the freezer and fall asleep in front of your TV, only to do the same thing the next day.

Where did you go wrong? Had you taken the time to pause and align yourself in a position to take on the day, would your week improve? Maybe so! Especially if you had tried one of these relaxation techniques experts recommend making a habit of in order to receive the productive and positive work day you crave.

Zen Habits to Eliminate Stress

Identify stressors
Take 10 minutes to list and describe every aspect of your life that is making you squirm.

Learn to let go of control
Trying to control our situations makes us even more anxious, and trying to control other people makes us crazy. We can only take control of our own actions, and accept the outcome, whatever it may be.

Make wide-open spaces in your day where nothing is planned. Maybe it is not necessary to meet your coworker who requested a meeting with you face to face. Send them an email, or Skype them after you create spaces on your agenda to do your own small tasks. Not every minute of your life has to be scheduled.

It is important to take small breaks during your workday. Take a 15 break to stretch, get something to drink, go outside and get some fresh air, enjoy nature. Avoid doing an online activity during these periods.

Concerns about your health may be adding to your stress build up. Do yourself a favor and clear your head about these worries by doing your best to stay healthy. Use your workouts to acknowledge that you are doing your best to be good to your body.

Create a Zen Environment
Take time to de-clutter your workspace. Add some of your favorite photographs of people and places that put a smile on your face. Organize your materials and find boxes and cups for your pens and pencils and scissors.

Avoid Difficult People
Take a few minutes to think about whom those people might be. If at all possible, strategize ways to eliminate them and their negative energy from your life. If not, keep your distance, and remember that you have no control other’s actions, only your reactions.

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