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Athletic Performance and Chiropractic Care

The science of chiropractic relies on the notion that the body can properly function only if the spine is unobstructed, and the nerve supply to the rest of the body remains constant. Of course, injuries from athletic performance can cause subluxations which can create further issues, like chronic pain, with an athlete’s health later on. Even after medical treatment like surgery, a subluxation is not totally eliminated, which is where chiropractic care can help. Athletic Performance and Chiropractic Care Athletes may either receive acute traumatic injuries or injury from repetitive overuse. Acute traumatic injuries usually occur in most contact sports, and can affect a player after being hit by an unseen force or sudden impact. Repetitive overuse injuries occur after repeating a series of movements over time, like swinging a golf club. Almost every athletic workout results in some sort of micro-injury, as the body is broken down in order to...
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The Female Athlete Triad: Health Pitfalls for Adolescents

(photo: NCAA) Sophie* is a 15-year-old cross country runner who has a history of a foot stress fracture and shin splints. She often does not eat prior to her workouts. Recently, she has felt fatigued and weak during her races, saying her legs feel heavy and she sometimes feels dizzy. She has been running every day, averaging 40 to 50 miles a week, and has lost 18 pounds in the past year. At times she feels running has become a compulsion. She previously had normal periods but has not menstruated in 5 months. Her tests showed low bone mineral density and low iron and vitamin D levels. Maintaining a healthy level of activity through sports and exercise is important for girls and women of all ages. But if an athlete becomes overly focused on dieting and exercise it can have a negative effect on sports performance and overall health. "The Female...
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Massage Keeps Dartmouth College Athletes In the Game

Massage Keeps Dartmouth College Athletes
Anna Terry’s journey of becoming a sports massage therapist was intertwined with her athletic career. She became involved in sports at a very young age, participating in field hockey, softball, canoeing and gymnastics, ultimately dedicating her energy to kayaking. After graduating from Southwest School of Massage in Durango, Colorado, in 2002, the New Hampshire native attended the 2002 Slalom World Championships as both an alternate on the Team USA Canoe/Kayak  and the team’s massage therapist. She made the team and competed the following year, after which she retired from kayaking and focused on her sports massage career full time. She knew, having been an athlete who received guidance from trainers, that she wanted to serve a clientele of athletes, make them feel better and get them back in the game. Now, Terry, 34, splits her time between her practice—bodyKinesis LLC—and her position as a sports massage therapist and yoga instructor at...
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