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The Spine Affects Whole Body Health


Having a chiropractor can help keep your entire body stronger and healthier. How? The spine affects whole body health playing a critical role in wellness. Having a chiropractor can help keep your entire body stronger and healthier.

If the spine has shifted out of place--a condition referred to as spinal misalignment or subluxation-- causing effects on whole body health. Pressure is put on the delicate nerves that come out of the spine, causing nerve interference.

This translates into the immune system not receiving proper signals and not functioning the way it was intended. Even slight misalignments can put the body into states of imbalance. Very often, chiropractic patients who were simply seeking relief from back pain or poor posture will discover that symptoms they had not related to spinal health will also dramatically improve. There are countless unexpected health benefits which people enjoy as a result of committing to chiropractic care. 

Improvement in Asthma

Several studies shown the connection between spinal manipulative therapy (the chiropractic adjustment) and a decrease in asthmatic symptoms. Regular corrective chiropractic care has shown to eliminate spinal misalignment and significantly increase nerve flow energy which restores the function of all critical organs, including the lungs. Since the nervous system plays a huge role in controlling the respiratory system, patients who have chiropractic care have shown significant improvements or elimination of asthma.

Heart Palpitations

Irregular heartbeat is often caused by sympathetic nerve system overexertion. Patients whose heart palpitations were brought on by poor posture and spinal misalignments reported significant decrease or elimination of heart palpitations after getting treated by a chiropractor.

Stronger Immune System

In 1987, Ronald Pero, Ph.D., chief of cancer prevention research at New York’s Preventive Medicine Institute and professor of medicine at New York University, measured the immune systems of 107 people who had been under chiropractic care for five years or more with the general population. The chiropractic patients had an immune function 200 percent better than those who had not used chiropractic. Stronger immune systems mean allergies are less common and people get sick much less often. Goodbye, flu!


High blood pressure is a serious condition. The nervous system plays a critical role in cardiovascular health. Since healthy nerve flow can normalize high blood pressure, people visit chiropractors for healing in addition to relying on medication.

Although not all conditions are nerve related, the nervous system does control everything in the body. It is therefore worth exploring just how important a healthy posture and spine is to the rest of your body, and just how powerful chiropractic care can be in helping control many symptoms that would otherwise warrant unnecessary medication.

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