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Snoring is No Laughing Matter

Snoring is No Laughing Matter

Snoring is not only annoying. but can also can be a sign of more serious health concerns. Stroke, heart attack, and high blood pressure can be the result for men and women who suffer from snoring. SleepPath has created a humorous online video connecting how we snore and how we communicate to bring light to a common sleep disorder.

“Snoring really is a serious health concern and it is important that consumers understand the symptoms, the risks, and some of the resources available to reduce snoring,” said Nick Carlone, president of SleepPath. “We created a fun video to demonstrate how our snoring affects our appeal to others. In the video story we offer just one of the simple solutions available for people who suffer from snoring.”

Snoring can be an indication of sleep apnea, a serious, potentially life-threatening condition marked by cessation of breath lasting 10 or more seconds. When you have sleep apnea, you’re not getting good sleep which is essential to good health. Sleep apnea treatment can range from very simple lifestyle changes to surgery.

Narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and poor sleep habits have received a higher degree of attention recently in light of the tragic results of a driver falling asleep at the wheel in New Jersey. Although there are extensive sleep studies and programs available, SleepPath has created an easily accessible and affordable line of products that help those suffering from snoring.

The purpose of the video, “What if You Talked Like You Snore,” is to not only bring light to a serious condition, but also offer a quick, affordable solution.

“We hope the fun nature of the video will help create buzz around a serious health concern,” said Carlone. “The more we share the message, the more people will seek information and solutions to stop their snoring.”

The video can be found on YouTube at the SleepPath channel or on our Facebook page. To learn more about sleep disorders, their symptoms, and possible solutions, visit our website at SleepPath.com. Take our quick online quiz to see if you should be seeking professional medical assistance.

Source: SleepPath

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