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Athletic Performance and Chiropractic Care


The science of chiropractic relies on the notion that the body can properly function only if the spine is unobstructed, and the nerve supply to the rest of the body remains constant. Of course, injuries from athletic performance can cause subluxations which can create further issues, like chronic pain, with an athlete’s health later on. Even after medical treatment like surgery, a subluxation is not totally eliminated, which is where chiropractic care can help.

Athletic Performance and Chiropractic Care

Athletes may either receive acute traumatic injuries or injury from repetitive overuse. Acute traumatic injuries usually occur in most contact sports, and can affect a player after being hit by an unseen force or sudden impact. Repetitive overuse injuries occur after repeating a series of movements over time, like swinging a golf club. Almost every athletic workout results in some sort of micro-injury, as the body is broken down in order to be built back up again.

These injuries are often caused by imbalances within the spine or improper biomechanics. Getting an adjustment from a chiropractor after a sports injury insures that an athlete’s abilities will no longer suffer from trauma to the spine that causes pain and immobility. Or, as Arnold Schwarzenegger so aptly states: “The best way to use chiropractic is not only after injuries, but before they occur."

Belltown Spine & Wellness has been working on athletes from our local Belltown CrossFit as well as our local gyms such as 24-hour fitness and zum and have experience with dancers from our local schools and outfits. One thing is constant is that regardless of the athlete their function and structure will not only affect them today but in the future.

Everyone is interested in being the best they can be, however the athlete needs are on a daily basis and foremost in their minds. Chiropractic looks at allowing all the major joints to function optimally thus giving you pain-free range of motion, strength and optimal function. 

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