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Winning Combination Of Chiropractic Care And Yoga

Winning Combination Of Chiropractic Care And Yoga

The past few years have seen both chiropractic care and yoga become more popular in various parts of the world including the US. This has been attributed to the numerous health benefits the two practices offer to human health, both to the mind and body.

Remarkably, chiropractic care and yoga share a lot in common which is why they complement each other quite seamlessly. If you’re a chiropractic patient, practicing yoga can be very rewarding when used to supplement your spinal care.

How Chiropractic Care and Yoga Can Benefit You

Let’s admit it, you’ll hardly find a better tool than yoga when it comes to yielding physiological benefits for your body and mind. Indeed, the yoga poses (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama) serve as excellent therapeutic tools that help heal both your mind and body. Practicing yoga can also help to balance your body, lower your stress, and improve your concentration.

Conversely, one of chiropractic care’s primary goal is to ensure that motion between your body joints is smooth and sufficient. This is needed for a proper functioning nervous system that largely depends on how well your musculoskeletal system is aligned in relation to the nerves that run through and exit the spine.The ability for the nervous system to function optimally without interference is not only crucial in illness prevention since it can relay information to all relevant organs and systems of your body properly but for overall health.

How Chiropractic Care and Yoga Work Together

When practiced jointly, chiropractic care and yoga provides a system that offers lifelong therapeutic benefits as well assist in illness prevention. Both fields are firmly guided by science while also focus on the importance of having an aligned spine to both the mind and body. As such, both practices offer similar physical benefits such as restoring spinal function, enhancing body posture, and treating various ailments from pain to improving your overall health.

Yoga focuses on strengthening and stretching all of your major muscles and ligaments which is crucial in enhancing your body’s strength. Yoga also helps to prevent injury by keeping your spine flexible and able to adapt to physical stresses. Thus hastening the recovery process for those already injured. With a stronger, balanced body, it becomes easier to respond to chiropractic care than when having a stiff spine. Also, if you’re suffering from a specific deep-rooted condition or injury, chiropractic care will respond faster and would require less force used to realign your body to balance.

The process of making physical changes in the body takes time and repetition and the combination of both chiropractic and yoga will not only save you time but create a greater chance of full recovery. The process of practicing yoga to make your body more flexible and increase its range of motion combined with adjusting your spine for alignment and functional restoration from a chiropractor you can get right to the root of your condition which saves both time and money. 

It’s easy to see that combining chiropractic care and yoga can be of immense benefit to you. Visit us today to learn how you can lead a healthier life that’s free from pain and regain your health. We offer some of the best Seattle chiropractic services and comprehensive rehabilitation programs for our clients. Many of our clients use yoga to supplement our spinal program and we have found that together is a winning combination.

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