US Moms Agree: Food and Happiness Go Hand-in-Hand

Many ingredients are actively engaging in new conversations, and moms agree, food and happiness go hand-in-hand. Moms are making informed decisions about food in order to help their families lead better lives.

Leading food ingredient company, Chr. Hansen, Natural Colors Division, commissioned the "Thought for Food" survey to learn what US moms look for in food labels and to gauge their perceptions of natural ingredients. While moms rely on personal insight gained from Google searches, news segments, and social media discussions, most of their purchasing choices are made by reading food labels. 

"One significant outcome from the survey found 83 percent of respondents wish there were more naturally derived food offerings from US food companies. This insight drives product development to help our customers meet consumer needs," said Mary Bentley, senior vice president of color sales and commercial development, Natural Colors Division, Chr. Hansen. "It's also interesting to note 80 percent of moms are more likely to purchase a product if it contains naturally derived ingredients, which demonstrates strong purchase intent that will position those products as market leaders."

Other key findings include:

"Findings also revealed US moms are very knowledgeable and active in the natural ingredient conversation," said Bentley. "Our strategy to be Nature's No. 1 drove the "Thought for Food" survey. We hope that by sharing our findings, it can serve as a benchmark for future studies as interest in natural ingredients continues to gain momentum as a leading consumer trend."

Source: Chr. Hansen,