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Belltown Spine & Wellness has helped thousands of people over the past 25 years regain their health and vitality in Seattle.

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Belltown Spine & Wellness Services

Belltown Spine & Wellness is an integrated health and wellness center that has helped thousands of people regain their health and vitality in the greater Seattle area. Services are customized and targeted for each individual's health goals.  Dr. Scott Mindel, Seattle chiropractor and owner of Belltown Spine & Wellness, created the signature 4-step program that is specifically designed to help patients recover from chronic neck and back pain conditions along with using the latest rehabilitation techniques available today.

Corrective Chiropractic Care

Belltown Spine & Wellness practices the state-of-the-art Corrective Biophysics Technique using Mirror Image exercise, adjusting and postural traction to correct the spine, and posture deviations back towards normal alignment and balance. Founder, Dr. Scott Mindel's 4-step Method has helped his patients restore overall health for over two decades in Seattle.

Massage Therapy

Belltown Spine & Wellness offers different types of massage to best suit individual client needs and preferences, including deep tissue, Swedish, and Manual Ligament Therapy, sports massage, lymphatic drainage, Healing Touch, trigger point therapy, reflexology, craniosacral, intra-oral, and pre-natal massage.

Naturopathic Medicine & Acupuncture

Holistic medicine is a form of healing that considers the body, mind, spirit, and emotions in the quest for optimal health and wellness do one can achieve optimal health by gaining proper balance in life. Naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and chiropractors target the root cause of an issue as opposed to simply reducing or managing symptoms.

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Dr. Scott Mindel

Dr. Scott Mindel

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Doctor of Chiropractic
Dr. Julie Sutton

Dr. Julie Sutton

Naturopathic Doctor / Licensed Acupuncturist

Commanding the Nervous System™ Training

Learn how to activate innate healing power through
Nervous System Rehabilitation.

Dear Doctor,

My wife’s moderate spinal cord

injury was the inspiration behind the discovery of the techniques that have now become Quantum Neurology® Nervous System Rehabilitation.

As I developed these methods my results became more profound. Relieving patients from their typical carpal tunnel, neck, back and shoulder pain became easy.

Patients would walk in with crutches and walkers, and would walk out carrying them. My results were so impressive that I began teaching these concepts in the year 2000. Over the years I have expanded and fine tuned these methods into what is now Quantum Neurology® Nervous System Rehabilitation.

In my life, Quantum Neurology® has allowed me to help those closest to me as well as the patients that I have never met through the Doctors that I have trained. This work is unique because its focus is on strengthening the Nervous System. And the doctors that I have trained to duplicate this work are consistently getting similar results.

These techniques can be used on patients with any Injury, any Illness or any Condition. Quantum Neurology® does not treat the patient’s Injury, Illness or Condition (IIC) – we rehabilitate the patient’s Nervous System. The foundational concepts of Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation are taught in three Modules. I walk Doctors step-by-step through the different methods of Motor, Sensory and Visceral Rehabilitation.

Commanding the Nervous System™ Training

Module 1 & 2 Combo Event

Thursday May 30 thru June 1, 2013

25 CPD Hours Approved!

 In this event I will be sharing my patented step by step process for restoring Motor, Sensory and Cranial Nerves which deliver QN strategies for:

  •  Maximum Nervous System Healing: Pain, Bio-mechanical, Movement Disorders, Numbness, Paralysis, Auto-Immune and more…
  • Maximum Human Performance: Strategies that get patients out of a wheel chair are the same used on patients who have achieved Gold Medals and World records
  • Improved Clinical Confidence and Abilities backed by an advanced understanding of the Nervous System
  • Play Neurology™: Conceptual learning de-mystifies “Neurology” and makes it playful while effecting profound rehabilitation
  • Life changing services and healing strategies to invigorate your practice.


Seminar Topics Include:

 Motor Nerve Rehabilitation

Nothing replaces hands on experience! Motor and Cranial Nerve Rehabilitation are the building blocks of Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation. When performed correctly, patients will experience immediate and profound changes in their body. The very nature of the techniques that Dr. Gonzalez has created allows for a before and after neurological test. These are tangible results that will get your patients excited about their care – excited patients refer! With Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation you can show the patient how their problem is reflected in the Nervous System. This accomplishes many things – first the patient is physically educated about their Nervous System, second the patient understands that the doctor knows exactly where the problem lies, and thirdly, the patient can actually see and feel the change in their body immediately after a correction. The benefits for the patient and the doctor alike are endless. The teamwork nature of the patient’s care creates a special bond in those that practice and receive Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation.

Frozen Shoulder Rehabilitation

Before you come to the seminar, tell your patients to send you all their friends with shoulder problems. When you return, expect to become the “Go To” Doctor for shoulders in your area. You will be amazed at how quickly you will be able to rehab a frozen shoulder. This technique alone can build your practice. This technique utilizes the GRT LITE and the ArthroStim™ by Impac Inc.

G-POI™ – Gonzalez Point of Interruption™

Pain is an illusion! I will show you how to make it disappear. With Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation you will learn how to find the hidden neurological weaknesses in the body. When a nerve is injured it creates the illusions of pain, decreased range of motion and decreased function. The illusion is called a G-POI weakness and it is created by the nervous system to protect your body from further injury. Unless rehabilitated properly, the Nervous System will keep the G-POI weakness active for the rest of the patient’s life. Over time your patient’s body will collect these outdated G-POI weaknesses, just like a computer that is slowed down by loading unnecessary software. This is why patients will complain of injuries from thirty or forty years prior. A great analogy is the emergency brake on your car. The emergency brake is a necessary safety device. When activated properly, it protects your car from rolling down a hill. You can still use your car with the emergency break activated – the car will turn on, it will go forward and reverse, it can turn right or left. There is nothing wrong with the car – it just doesn’t move properly with the emergency break activated. Removing your body’s emergency break, the G-POI weakness, allows the patient to move more freely and function more efficiently, with increased range of motion, improved function and without the restriction of pain.

Sensory Rehabilitation

Most patients don’t even recognize that their suffering is caused by a sensory problem. 80% of the Nervous System is dedicated to Sensory function. Sensory injuries are often long lasting, dull, achy pain and symptoms also may include : numbness, tingling, osteoarthritis, sensitivity to weather and pressure, decreased range of motion, pain and paralysis. With Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation it is not uncommon to rehabilitate patients that have had sensory symptoms for over thirty years. This is a must for any patient that has had serious injury or surgeries.


Whether your patient is recovering from surgery or trying to break a world record. This is the technique that will bring out the best in your patient’s physical ability. This is an advanced G-POI™ concept that allows the doctor to functionally rehabilitate patients though their mechanism of injury, activities of daily living, and sports activities. Improve your patient’s functional strength and range of motion – Immediately!

Cranial Nerve Proficiency

Autism, ADD, Dyslexia, Stroke, Brain Injury, Bells Palsy…If you want to help these patients rehabilitate – you need Cranial Nerve Proficiency. Expanding on the basics of Cranial Nerve Rehabilitation, you will learn how to rehab each cranial nerve in depth. Performing these exercises will help your patients strengthen their Nervous System in order to handle the challenges that their conditions present. If you want to have a profound effect on your patient’s quality of life – You need to learn this work.

GAP™ – Gonzalez Anchor Point™

Neurology teaches a direct nerve to injury association. This means that if the big toe is injured it is associated to the L5 Nerve, and if the biceps is injured it is associated to the C6 Nerve. In Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation Dr. Gonzalez teaches how the Nervous System injures indirectly. This valuable skill will teach you how any injury can affect any thing in your body. You will learn how to scan the body for a GAP™ and how to correct them and see immediate Neurological Changes.

Muscle Lengthening

Sunday June 2, 2013

8 CPD Hours Approved!

In this event I will demonstrate and teach a skill know by only a few hundred doctors in the World! It’s not stretching it is Muscle Lengthening!

  • Change the length of Most Any Muscle in the body
  • Lasts until it is re-injured
  • Simple strategy to learn and implement
  • Protects the practitioners body from injury compared to assisted stretching
  • Deliver results that will wow your patients

Don’t Stretch – Muscle Lengthen

Change the length of most muscles in seconds.

Yes! I said change the LENGTH of the muscle.  This is not stretching. Stretching as you know is usually time consuming and demonstrates at best temporary results. If you’re like most people who stretch 30 minutes before your activity, you would probably be happy if your flexibility lasted through the workout. But as fate has it, by the time your body cools down, your muscles are just as tight as they were before you stretched.

I have worked with professional athletes for years doing the typical isometric stretching. The results are OK, but it was so difficult on my body. I was physically having to resist their stretch with my body. Sure the athlete felt great, but now I needed to get worked on because I was sore or injured after doing the assisted stretching.

I personally have always been blessed with great flexibility until I came down with a serious lung infection. I felt my muscle flexibility disappear overnight. For a time there I was stretching every day for an hour just to maintain the flexibility I had remaining.

I kept this routine up for years until I stumbled upon a fantastic discovery.  I found a way to unlock the muscle through the Nervous System. I can now lengthen just about any muscle in the body in about 30 seconds!  I can bend forward with my knees locked and palm the floor right now. No stretching, no warm up – it’s not a trick and it’s not stretching, the reason I can do this is because my muscles have been lengthened. If a muscle can be isolated it can be lengthened. This is not an exaggeration, even when considering that every person is different and the cause of muscle tightness can vary from person to person.

This is a unique skill that has no comparison. There is nothing else like it. Its value is immeasurable when you look at the all the patients’ lives that will be changed through your hands using this technique. Everyone loves having this flexibility it adds value to your patients life and your practice. It will make you a hero in your community as the go to doctor that gets results where others fail.

I guarantee that this technique is simple to learn and to implement. Anyone who has been trained so far has been able to duplicate the same results by the time they leave the seminar. If you choose to attend this event you will personally benefit while experiencing the results and the value of the work first hand. This is a hands on experience that will give you a skill that will last your entire career.  Seating is limited and is held on a first come first serve basis.

I urge you to learn Quantum Neurology® because you have patients that need Neurological Rehabilitation. You should want to learn Quantum Neurology® because you deserve to provide this care.

I want to share with you how to activate the Nervous System and get these results. Quantum Neurology® is healing the world through Neurological Rehabilitation.



(DISCOUNTS: New = 1st Time Attending Seminar / Refresher = Have Attended Seminar Before)

MODULE 1 & 2 COMBO + MUSCLE ELONGATION – May 30 – June 2, 2013
25CPD + 8 CPD

Sydney, AUS – YHotel

MODULE 1 & 2 COMBO ONLY- May 30 – June 1, 2013
25CPD Only

Sydney, AUS – YHotel

8 CPD Only

Sydney, AUS – YHotel

Seminar Hours: 9am to 6pm (Fri – Sun)

The May/June Modules 1&2 and Muscle Seminar will be held at the Y Hotel Hyde Park Sydney. (Level 4 / Mary Jane Barker Room)

The Museum train station is the closest station to the hotel.

Y Hotel Hyde Parkyhotel hyde park

5-11 Wentworth Avenue
Sydney, NSW 2000

Hotels within walking distance:

  1. Pullman Sydney Hyde Park hotel
    26-36 College Street
    Sydney NSW 2010
  2. Best Western Plus Hotel Stellar
    4 Wentworth Avenue
    Sydney, NSW 2000
  3. Econo Lodge Sydney South
    40-44 Wentworth Avenue
    Sydney NSW 2010, Australia
    (02)8262 8844
  4. Travelodge Hotel
    27-33 Wentworth Avenue
    Sydney NSW 2010, Australia
    (02)8267 1700

Prerequisite: Must be a Licensed Medical Professional that is certified to Diagnose and Treat. (e.g., MD, DC, LAc, DO, ND, NP).

ATTENTION: Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation is not a treatment or a cure; it is Neurological Rehabilitation. Doctors often use the word treatment to describe their interaction with a patient, not to imply a cure for a patient’s Injury, Illness or Condition. Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation uses traditional and unique neurological evaluations to perform before and after validation of neurological changes. Even though you may share the same symptoms as a patient mentioned on this web site; each patient and their injury, illness or condition is unique. As with any form of rehabilitation; there is no way to predict or guarantee how you or anyone else will respond to neurological rehabilitation. Your results may vary.