Have you ever looked in the mirror and find yourself having to force yourself to stand up straight. It’s almost like your slouching is creating a hump in your back and you may starting to wonder if your next job will be ringing the bells at Norte Dome. 

 Your upper back is at the same level of your shoulders and supports your head and neck. Poor posture, stress, gravity, injuries and sedentary lifestyles create increased stresses on your spine causing you to look like your slouching. Posture is how we stand and sit day in and day out, which is the most common cause to develop this spinal condition. The increased rounding of the back can be acquired gradually through improper sitting, sleeping and daily activities. For example, working on your laptop or excessive texting may over time contribute to this.

Is this Treatable?
The good news is YES. Most spinal conditions are treatable; depending on the amount of excessive curve you may have, it can be treated without the use of spinal braces and surgery. A simple test you can do at home to see if your upper back has developed excessive rounding is called the Wall Test. Stand with your back against the wall and feet shoulder width apart as close to the wall as possible. The back of your head should easily be able to touch the wall without you having to extend your spine backwards. If your head cannot touch the wall, either your upper back has an excessive rounding called hyper kyphosis, or your head may be significant forward in front of your shoulders. A professional evaluation with a spine specialist, such as a chiropractor, is recommended with this finding.

The upper back known as the thoracic spine, is the most overlooked part of the spine. In fact, most doctors don’t really understand how it affects not only on your posture, but your overall health. There has been studies linking excessive upper spine curvature to many conditions such as chronic pain in neck, shoulders, shortness of breath, heart and lung issues as well as a shortened life span more than any other area of the spine. You can learn how your spine has real effects on how you feel and your overall health by having your spine checked by a professional. Belltown Spine & Wellness can assist you in not only learning the knowledge, but correcting this spinal condition as they have been for over 22 years in Seattle. Call today for your free consultation at 206-441-7984.

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