At the Carolina Men's Clinic (, Dr. Hansen and his staff treat men with erectile dysfunction every day, so they're in

an excellent position to note the underlying factors influencing this condition. One such factor, the use of pharmaceuticals for treating high blood pressure, has become a focal point for the clinic.

"Erectile dysfunction often has a psychological component, but in the case of high blood pressure medications and their side effects, the root of the problem is entirely chemical," explained Matt Gillogly of the Carolina Men's Clinic. "We offer solutions that allow men to keep taking their prescribed medications while also recapturing some of their lost masculinity. No referral is needed, and our team respects the privacy of all patients."

At the most basic level, ED results from a lack of adequate blood flow to the extremities. Symptoms of ED include trouble getting or maintaining an erection as well as reduced or absent sex drive. Numerous internal and external variables can contribute to this blood flow problem.

High blood pressure, among other chronic conditions, is a major source of quality of life issues in men once they reach about 50 years of age. These diseases can have profound impacts sexual functioning. According to numerous studies, between one-half and one-third of men aged 40-plus with a high blood pressure diagnosis also have erectile dysfunction. Even more alarming is that common medications used to treat high blood pressure can compound a problem like ED.

"High blood pressure and its consequences are something we see every day at the Carolina Men's Clinic," remarked Gillogly. "Men don't realize that a pill they're taking to treat one condition may be exacerbating another one."

Gillogly says that high blood pressure medications can impair a man's ability to feel confident and perform in the bedroom. It's not an immediate effect – rather, it's a slow and steady decline that may go unnoticed for months and years. The exact mechanism depends on the medication. Diuretics, or water pills, decrease blood flow in such a way to disrupt the mechanical aspect of achieving an erection. Beta blockers, another typical treatment for high blood pressure, interrupt the signaling process that tells the brain to initiate engorgement. In addition, zinc, a mineral necessary for the production of testosterone, is often deficient in men taking beta blockers.

ED forces some men go into denial, while others go to extraordinary lengths to remedy their symptoms. Alternative therapies and Internet pharmacies run a booming business for men looking to solve their health issues without having to face their family doctor. Gillogly warns that such an approach can be dangerous – ED is a medical condition and demands a medical response.

Above all, many men simply don't enjoy talking about sexual performance issues. They would rather see if the ED gets better on its own – which of course it doesn't. For this reason, general practitioners see relatively few cases of the condition. The Carolina Men's Clinic, on the other hand, specializes in the most common men's health issues, including ED and low testosterone.

The mission of the Carolina Men's Clinic is to restores a patient's lost sense of manhood while providing a comfortable and private setting for consultation and treatments. Men with questions about ED or related health issues are encouraged to contact the clinic today at 704-981-0033.

SOURCE The Carolina Men's Clinic

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