On September 24th the 14th annual observance of National Women's Health & Fitness Day will draw attention to a very important subject: women's health and well-being. The same principles which inspired the Health Information Resource Center (HIRC) are applied in each Get In Shape for Women centers found mostly in New England.

"Whether it's through weight training, cardio fitness or nutrition education," says GISFW founder Brian Cook, "the message of this day is women need to put their health first and get strong."

Cook, a personal trainer, founded Get In Shape for Women in 2006 and the company has since grown to more than 90 franchised locations. Here women are given access to personal training, healthy diet counseling and a sense of accountability.


"With Get In Shape For Women, body transformations are not the result of fad diets," adds Cook, "but sustainable healthy choices and active involvement."

TIPS from Get In Shape For Women

  • >>Take part in continuous low impact exercises all day. Regular physical activity is associated with many benefits, including reduced risk of depression and improved mood.
  • >>Make a grocery list. If you go into a grocery store without planning, you're most likely going to grab too many snacks and less produce and substantial meal ingredients. A list will keep you on track.
  • >>Listen to your body. While you don't want to give into every craving, it's essential that you listen to what your body is telling you. If you're craving sugary treats, try eating Greek yogurt. The creamy texture will act as your dairy fix while adding some fruit will make it sweet.
  • >>Find distractions during cravings. Feel a craving for something unhealthy? Find a distraction. Call a friend; brush your teeth; run an errand. Cravings typically last five minutes, so find a quick activity to take your mind off unhealthy choices.

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