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For years Belltown Spine & Wellness, a Seattle Chiropractic and Wellness center, has been committed to providing care and comfort to the community. Now, we want to help in a slightly different way: A $1000 scholarship for one promising student in the U.S.

There’s no overstating the importance of education. Perhaps what makes it so important is the exposure to challenging and unconventional ideas that come with it. Education gives people the chance to experiment and form their own conclusions about the world, and that’s something that’s particularly important to physicians involved in holistic medicine.

Treatments like chiropractic, massage therapy and acupuncture are likely more respected now than they’ve ever been in the United States. 

2015 Belltown Spine & Wellness Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to Julia, our 2015 Belltown Spine & Wellness Scholarship $1000 winner towards her education! 


2015 Belltown Spine & Wellness Scholarship WinnerMy name is Julia Sengbusch and am a senior at Cuthbertson High School in Waxhaw, North Carolina. I plan on attending college, majoring in Health Science and Nutrition. In my free time I am a figure skater which means a lot of falls. Visiting the chiropractor regularly allows my body to realign and stay healthy.


In what ways can a holistic perspective improve healthcare in the U.S.?

Personal Statement: My name is Julia Sengbusch and I am looking at perusing a career in nutrition science. Food can truly change the way a person feels and acts. I have cut out all processed food from my diet and fruits and vegetables are a huge part of my meals. I have more energy and more stamina to complete my day. I am no longer sleepy everyday and can face the challenges that come my way. Food and nutrition is a growing issue that is facing America today and I want to help put a stop to obesity and teach Americans what it really means to live healthy. I find nutrition so interesting and always want to keep learning more about it. When my peers complained about health class because they claimed they knew what foods were healthy and they knew how to eat right, I was thrilled to go to class because I wanted to gain even more knowledge about the subject. I had to write a research paper on fast food and its effects on Americans. After the paper was finished I continued to do research because the facts that I found were fascinating to me. I could not believe how disgusting some of the food was and what was in it that we are being served. To become a nutritionist you have to complete four years of undergraduate school and another year at a graduate school. This scholarship would allow me to peruse my goal in nutrition and do what I am passionate about every day. "In what ways can a holistic perspective improve healthcare in the U.S.?" Today doctors are too quick to say, “Let me give you antibiotics,” or “We need to schedule surgery,” before all options are looked into. A little headache and Americans immediately gravitate to Aleve or Ibuprofen. We are always looking for medicine as a quick fix. Although this bad habit is only creating bigger issues due to many bacterium becoming resistant to antibiotics. We are creating superbugs and eventually we will have no medicine that fights the bad bacteria in our bodies. Doctors are pushing more and more vaccines even though they may only cover 2 out of the 150 strains of the virus. Does this not seem silly to you? We are injecting ourselves with new vaccines that we know little about and cover less than two hundredths of the strains. Americans, now more than ever, need to step back and find different ways to cope with sickness and pain in a new, natural, holistic way. I am probably the number one teenage advocate for holistic approaches to healthcare. I have had so much success with it that I cannot even comprehend why others would turn to other methods before trying a holistic approach. It is better for your body and you are not putting chemicals into your body with drugs, steroids and antibiotics. When my sister was born she was clinically deaf. My mom went from doctor to doctor trying to find something that she could do to help her. She went to numerous appointments with medical professionals and tried countless medications to attempt to bring some hearing to my sister. Many suggested surgery, but my mom was not keen on that idea. With no luck, as a last resort, my mom brought my sister to a chiropractor. After only three adjustments she was able to hear. That one doctor with no medication, put no toxins into her little body, and was able to give my sister a much better life allowing her to hear.
I am also an ice skater. Figure skating is an intense sport with a lot of vigorous training and hard falls. It puts a lot of strain on my body and joints. My back constantly hurts because of the impact I put on it when I land a jump. I go to the chiropractor weekly to get my spine and pelvis realigned. It immediately takes the pressure off of my back and I am good as new. Two years ago I strained three tendons in my foot. The doctors put me in a boot, three different types of braces, they gave me crutches and anti-inflammatory medication, but nothing seemed to help. An injury that should have healed in six weeks was still bothering me twelve weeks later. My mom heard of a new therapy at the chiropractor called cold laser therapy. It is noninvasive and helps restore the cells and tissues in the body. I decided to give it a try since I had nothing else to lose. Within six treatments my foot was dramatically better and I was no longer limping trying to get around. It just amazed me medication and other options could not help, but something holistic could change my life and heal me. I also struggled with bad acne in middle school and the beginning of high school. I could not even begin to tell you how many dermatologist appointments I went to and how many different medicines I was on along with dozens of creams. We went back every three months after the medication they gave me still did nothing to clear from face from the acne. One medication prescribed gave me a full blown rash and hives all over my body and made me itch from head to toe. I had the rash for two weeks because it took that long for all of the medicine to get out of my system. That was when I decided I needed to try a different approach. I met with a lady would made all natural soaps and face wash. She had a product that was designed for people with acne. She also suggested I take olive leaf capsules and she gave me an all natural capsule with different herbs that would help clear my acne. To my surprise it worked. These two natural supplements helped get rid of my acne and the cleanser reinforced it. Three years of trying countless medications and natural supplements could clear my acne was shocking to me. Society as a whole needs to start to look at better options to fix our problems. Today thousands of Americans have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Many of these people are also overweight. This is one holistic way that we can change. Instead of turning to medication to fix these problems, losing weight may be a solution. Being overweight is linked to increased risks for many serious and fatal heart diseases. Society is so fast passed and we are always on the go. Our stress levels are always on the rise. Yoga or acupuncture could be a solution to our stress related problems instead of another oral medication. Depending on the situation, back surgery is not always a must. Try a chiropractor before going through the pain and recovery of surgery. How do you think our ancestors survived? They did not have all of the technologies and medications we have access to today. They used herbs and natural ways to heal. There is new research showing that taking iron supplements can help reduce migraines. If you have memory loss, taking the vitamin B2 may help reduce it. Taking a multivitamin everyday will do a body good. A lot of times we are lacking key vitamins are bodies are yearning for to operate. Holistic perspectives to medical treatments will truly change the way Americans look at medical care. The biggest way to encourage these approaches is education. I believe many do not
even know of the other options out there. We have seen a big improvement and change in food as more refuse to eat processed food. Parents are leaning more towards natural, hormone free foods. The craze for organic produce and meat is increasing and more are buying from local farmers. As this increases, the need for healthier, cleaner, natural medication will increase as well. Eventually doctors will need to look into natural methods for cures because with the way society if headed, soon every bacterium will be resistant to antibiotics and then what? There will only be one solution. Holistic approach first, antibiotics second.


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