It's no secret that parents have high expectations when it comes to their children. However, a new Pull-Ups brand survey shows that these

expectations extend to an early milestone of a child's development–potty training–and it is leading to increased frustration for parents and children.

The survey found that parents are willing to try anything to achieve the often daunting task of potty training. Ultimately, though, the survey discovered that what really works for parents is teaching a child independence and understanding that potty training is a journey of learning between parent and child–and not an overnight task. Among other findings:

>>Parents often hold unrealistic expectations: 1 in 3 parents believe potty training should require four weeks or less. However, research shows that the process actually takes more than 12 weeks for a quarter of children to complete.

>>Parents aren't setting kids up for success: While just 2 percent of parents think the potty training process should take less than a week, 23 percent still have tried the three-day method.

>>Three-day method takes longer than three days: Of those who tried the three-day method, 44 percent said the process took longer than that and 16 percent said it didn't work at all.

>>Training pants, like Pull-Ups, are key to efficient potty training: Pull-Ups training pants rank among the top methods that ultimately worked for parents whose children have completed potty training (20 percent), while the three-day method worked for only 9 percent and elimination communication method worked for only 8 percent.

>>Mom's and Dad's training styles differ: Men are more likely than women to take the lead with potty training, and women are more likely to allow their child to dictate the process.

"Parents are not spending the time they need to potty train their children. They're rushing to get it done and it's backfiring," says Dr. Heather Wittenberg, Pull-Ups Potty Training Partner and child psychologist who specializes in the development of babies and young children. "Similar to such skills as learning to read and getting kids to eat healthier, potty training requires time and patience to set children up for success–and Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy at is a great starting point."

By enrolling in Big Kid Academy at, parents and toddlers can start their potty training journey. Pull-Ups brand knows every child is unique–so at sign-up, parents get a personalized "My Pull-Ups" page with potty training activities and expert advice customized to them and helping to get child and parent through the process efficiently.

Eighty-seven percent of parents think a potty training method that teaches children independence proves important when determining what training method to use, which is why Pull-Ups training pants are a must-have for efficient potty training. Pull-Ups products offer a variety of benefits and resources to help parents and children through the potty training process:

>>Pull-Ups training pants stretchy sides teach toddlers how to take them off and put them back on by themselves–just like regular underwear.

>>Easy-open sides make it easy for parents and child to check for potty breaks.

>>Pull-Ups training pants offer just the right amount of protection and teach children independence throughout the process.

"Guiding the child toward independence is crucial during the potty training process, and Pull-Ups training pants get kids interested in potty training from the beginning," says Melanie Huet, brand director, Childcare, at Kimberly-Clark. "When used from the start, Pull-Ups training pants enable learning and make the process a fun and educational experience for both parent and child."

Parents can receive potty training tools and resources from the Pull-Ups Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages, and additional potty training resources and tips on the go are available with the Pull-Ups Time to Potty App. It motivates, educates, and rewards potty training behavior, helping parents and toddlers develop consistent routines.

Source: Kimberly-Clark,

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