Stephanie Lusi, a licensed cosmetologist at Rejuvenation Day Spa & Salon in Myrtle Beach, SC, shares her thoughts on her discovery of derma e natural skincare products.

I went

to Sally’s Beauty Supply yesterday to pick up some waxing materials for work and saw that they had a $.99 grab bag. Normally I don’t buy any haircare or skincare products from Sally’s because I use TIGI (which is a color and product line I get straight from my TIGI distributor), and I use skincare products that I get from South Korea--but, I figured a $.99 grab bag is a really cute, fun idea so I picked one up.

In my grab bag were 3 skincare products:

>>derma e Microdermabrasion Scrub
>>derma e Firming Moisturizer with DMAE, Alpha Lipoic and C-Ester
>>derma e Evenly Radiant Dark Circle Eye Creme

The first product I tried was the derma e Microdermabrasion Scrub.

This scrub felt amazing! I was honestly surprised. I’m not saying Sally’s Beauty Supply doesn’t have good products, I just always buy from stores like Salon Centric and CosmoProf and have my own distributors from companies that only accept licensed cosmetologists. I’m a snob that way, so I never bothered to go to Sally’s for stuff other than basic supplies like cotton balls, wax, and wax applicator sticks. I’d never heard of the brand Derma e before, but I can definitely say I will be buying this product next time I’m at Sally’s! It felt amazing on my skin, I felt the little beads in the formula working and how it was exfoliating my skin, and I immediately noticed how much softer and cleaner my skin felt.

I left it on my skin for about a minute just so I could have it really soak up any impurities. You don’t have to do this; it’s just something I like to do because it's almost like a mini-mask treatment in a way. After rinsing, I noticed my skin looked clearer, smoother, softer, and more even in color--and felt fantastic! My skin didn’t feel dry at all and it wasn’t greasy or oily. It was just the perfect balance. I have to say I’m super impressed by this scrub! When I woke up this morning, my skin was so radiant and smooth! I’ll definitely be buying it my next trip to Sally’s and use it once a week to see how it affects my skin overall with each use.

The next product I tried was the derma e Firming Moisturizer with DMAE, Alpha Lipoic and C-Ester.

I had never used a firming moisturizer before (and I should probably start because I’ll be 27 in October…) so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I figured I’d feel tingling or tightening of the skin, but I didn’t. This moisturizer is really silky and smooth. The feel of it on my skin after the scrub was really nice.

The moisturizer blended quickly into my skin. It didn’t clog my pores or make my skin feel greasy or sticky. It just made it feel evenly moisturized and vibrant. This is another product I will definitely be purchasing. I see a new night time routine in my future! I will always stick to my Korean skincare routine, but I do love trying new things. I feel like the Derma e line is a once a week product for me--like a little treat!

The next product I tried was the derma e Evenly Radiant Dark Circle Eye Creme.

I have never used a dark circle cream either--which is another product I should start using--because I never felt like they worked. I know countless people who use them and their circles are still obvious. It’s one of those things I think some concealer and highlighter work best covering rather than expensive eye creams. I can’t say if this product works because I only used it once, but I have to say it feels so good under my eyes! It’s soft, soothing, and cooling. My eyes are beat by the end of the day because I’m up early, up late, working, doing school work, running the business, and running errands, so by the time I get home it’s obvious how tired I look. This cream was super refreshing and cooling to my eyes and made me feel relaxed somehow.

I’m really happy I bought this awesome little grab bag at Sally’s! It definitely brought my attention to some pretty great products, and I’m excited to buy the full sizes! Great marketing, Sally’s. *thumb up* This business woman approves!

This blog was repurposed with Stephanie's permission from "The Epiphanie of Beautie" blog. Find the full post here!

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