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Seattle Spinal Rehabilitation

The doctors at Belltown Spine & Wellness are your Seattle spinal rehabilitation specialists. We provide a structural and postural spinal rehabilitation program that are called Clinical Biomechanics of Posture® or CBP.

CBP is an the most advanced and researched method that looks at restoring spinal alignment and posture as part of a complete Spinal Rehabilitation system. CBP treatment is an advanced method that goes beyond traditional Chiropractic adjustment techniques by integrating spinal rehabilitation.

All of our custom spinal rehabilitation programs are based on published clinical trails for patient outcomes that include exercise, adjustments and Mirror Image® exercise, traction and/or body weighting. Our Spinal Rehabilitation program is similar to the way Orthodontists change the structure of their patients' teeth.

Clinical Biomechanics of Posture®
Example Before, After 10 weeks of treatment, and 1 year follow up x-rays of a patient with a cervical kyphosis whose curve has been corrected towards a cervical lordosis with the Cervical Denneroll and other interventions. Image ©Copyright CBP Seminars and Deed Harrison, LLC.