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The Silent Killer

The nervous system is responsible for every function in our body. From waking up in the morning to walking, talking, breathing, digestion, immune function and going to bed. Your nerves travel from the brain, down into the spinal cord, branching out into organs and limbs throughout the body to every tissue and cell.

Misalignments in your spine due to injuries, poor postural, sleeping and sitting improperly, can place abnormal stresses that can shift the vertebrae out of place. These shifts and imbalances can pull on these delicate nerves and exert pressure reducing energy from reaching its intended destination. Chiropractors call this “Nerve Interference," a dangerous and usually silent condition with health altering side effects if it is left uncorrected.

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Body Image and Your Emotional Health

In a society which emphasizes the journey to pursue unattainable standards or beauty and perfection, countless individuals struggle with coming to terms with accepting and loving their own bodies. After all, it can seem like an unconquerable challenge to find self-peace whilst being bombarded with mainstream media’s constant messages that describe the a consumer lacking in the type of beauty that their products can perhaps achieve. Here are some tips to guide you through