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Chiropractic First Surgery Last

Chiropractic First Surgery Last
Low back pain is the second most cause of seeing a doctor. It also happens to be the second most common cause of disabilities in the US. Some of the causes of back pain injuries include lifting, pulling, or carrying heavy objects, twisting awkwardly, over stretching, sitting in a hunched position, slouching chairs among others. Those who sustain injuries while at work spend a lot of time looking for medication, making them lose many days, and consequently, they perform less. There are various methods that physicians employ to treat back pain from various medications to the most invasive surgery. There are several types of back surgery that are performed today, including a discectomy, foraminotomy, disk replacement, spinal fusion and even laminectomy. At times, surgery may be seen as the recommended course of action to take when it comes to relieving lower back pain. However, as an experienced Chiropractor, I will...
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