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Belltown Spine & Wellness, an integrated health and spinal rehabilitation center, has helped thousands of people over the past 22 years regain their health and vitality through their natural, integrated approach to health and wellness in the greater Seattle area.

New Survey Finds Differences In Attitudes About Diabetes Based On Age

US announced today the findings of a new survey that reveals striking differences in opinion among various age groups about diabetes and available treatment options. In particular, the generation known as "millennials" (those aged 18 to 34) shows an uneasy mix of fear and ability to handle managing their diabetes, which is being diagnosed at a rate of 1.7 million new cases every year.

Millennials rate themselves having better knowledge of diabetes than do Americans ages 35 and older, with 72 percent of millennials indicating they are well versed about the condition versus the 64 percent of non-millennials who expressed some knowledge about diabetes. Despite this self-reported understanding, millennials are less likely than older populations to think that diabetes is a serious health condition; overall, 74 percent of millennials think it is serious compared with 84 percent of the older survey respondents.

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Whole Foods Market Takes Stand on Key Agricultural Issues with Responsibly Grown Produce Rating System

Today Whole Foods Market launches Responsibly Grown, an industry leading tiered produce rating system that assesses growing practices that impact human health and the environment. The new rating system labels fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers as “good,” “better” or “best” to help shoppers make more informed choices in the produce and floral departments, and it prohibits some of the most hazardous neurotoxins still allowed in agriculture.

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9 Reasons to Choose Chiropractic


In today’s world where we’re concerned about healthcare costs, it’s time to start looking at options for improving our health that don’t involve invasive and expensive procedures like drugs and surgery.

Chiropractic care is the perfect solution. Chiropractic is less expensive than medical care for musculoskeletal problems, and it’s also been proven to be effective and safe.

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Clean Hands, Healthy Kids!

  For the seventh consecutive year, leading health and hygiene brand, Safeguard, is partnering with Ministries of Health and Education around the world to capitalize on Global Handwashing Day, October 15, as the perfect opportunity to educate and inspire kids to wash their hands. Almost a decade has passed since published research identified hand washing with soap as 'the most important medical remedy for children in developing countries' and today this finding is more pertinent than ever. That's why teaching children how to eradicate disease-causing germs through proper hand washing is a key component of Safeguard's mission to help people protect the health and development of loved ones. A proud partner of the Global PPPHW (Public-Private Partnership for Hand Washing), Safeguard has always been a prominent supporter of Global Handwashing Day, donating $140,000 since its inception in 2008. Each year the brand employs a comprehensive communications campaign encompassing media relations, social...
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National Survey Finds Americans Cut Corners with Hand Washing Habits

As the United States deals with the Enterovirus D68 and while Ebola is a daily headline, a national survey reveals Americans, unfortunately, take short cuts when washing their hands. The survey discovered that Americans don't wash long enough, don't always use soap and sometimes don't wash at all after using a public restroom. The findings are part of a Healthy Hand Washing Survey conducted by Bradley Corporation, an international manufacturer of commercial hand washing products. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends washing for at least 20 seconds to allow enough time to remove and rinse off germs, the survey indicates the majority of Americans (55 percent) are cutting that time short. The CDC suggests singing "Happy Birthday" twice to hit the 20-second mark. And, while it may seem surprising, 70 percent of Americans admit they've simply rinsed their hands with water instead of soaping up after...
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Belltown Spine & Wellness, an integrated health and spinal rehabilitation center, has helped thousands of people over the past 22 years regain their health and vitality through their natural, integrated approach to health and wellness in the greater Seattle area. Our services, which include chiropractic, spinal rehabilitation, massage therapy, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine and medical weight-loss are customized and targeted for each individual's health goals. Our signature 4-step program is specifically designed to help patients recover from neck and back pain chronic conditions. This system, created by Dr. Scott Mindel, Seattle chiropractor and owner of Belltown Spine & Wellness draws on the latest rehabilitation techniques available today.


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